Idea of South

Welcome to Idea of South, a unique radiophonic composition by Roger Mills, comprising three simultaneous broadcasts performed live over two radio stations and the Internet.

How to listen

To listen to this broadcast you will need two radios and a computer or other internet receiver such as an iPhone or laptop.

Simply tune the radios to frequencies 107.3 FM (Radio 2SER) and 94.5 FM (FBi Radio) and click the link below to receive the SHOUTCAST stream from your computer or iPhone.

If you only have one radio you can listen to both stations online by opening each station's web stream by following the logos below :

Radio 2SER


The 2SER internet stream is currently down, but we've set up a temporary stream for listeners outside Sydney:


FBI Radio


Follow the link to 'listen on line' or click the link below to open the stream in Windows Media Player :

Be sure to place your devices equidistant from each other and set them to the same volume. You may wish to alter their location or even move around with them and experimenting with their location is encouraged.

The IOS and 2SER streams will open in iTunes and VLC, you'll need to Windows Media Player (available for both PC and Mac) for the FBI stream. For iPhones you will need to download the free FStream application to pick up the audio on your phone. (link will open iTunes store)

Don't Look Gallery Event

You can also take a radio down to Don't Look Galley, Dulwich Hill to experience it in a multi player environment. This event also features a performance by Forenzics with Dj's and a bar. Doors open at 6pm.

Don't Look Gallery

Don’t Look Gallery,
419 New Canterbury Rd,
Dulwich Hill, Sydney.


Idea of South contains location recordings by Rob Curgenven, Geoff Mills, Balaam, Twisted Lemon, Andra Fembriato, Reinsamba, Its Not Fair, Tito Lahaye, Juskiddink and Oyez.

Special thanks to Peter Hollo, Michael Kosmider, Hogi Tsai, Jarran Taylor, Damian Castaldi, James Brock, Emily McDaniel, Kaustubh Srikanth, Sophea Lerner, Norie Neumark, Brendan Lloyd and the UTS technical team, Neil Jenkins, Andra Fembriato, Angela Tanoesoedibjo, Maurice Manawatu, Bernie Meir, Brooke Olsen, Pia Van Gelder, Tracy Miles, Free Sound Archive and Lars and Alex Ollo.

Project Support

Idea of South is supported by
Radio 2SER, FBi Radio, Utility Fog, Don't Look Gallery and UTS

radio 2ser . fbi radio . don't look gallery . UTS University of Technology Sydney Radio 2ser - 107.3FM FBI Radio - 94.5FM Don't Look Gallery University of Technology Sydney